Growing digital: We bring you forward from idea to business.

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Successful execution

Digital growth is a book with at least three facets: targeted innovation, scenarios for a clear assessment of opportunities and risks, IT architecture which meaningfully reflects digital business models and, finally, processes. We open this book to you –  providing measureable digital growth. We ensure a successful execution throughout the process! That has been appreciated by our customers from Deutsche Bahn AG, Syngenta and T-Systems.

Areas of competence

Targeted innovation

Everyone is aware that for digital growth many things must change. But what it is exactly that should change? What are the real problems? And what solution will really help us meet our corporate goals? Our innovation workshops are already legendary to our customers. We work together with all hierarchy levels and key disciplines to determine the real …

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IT architecture

Innovations are on the table. Cost reduction opportunities are on the table. New digital business models are on the table. But how can these opportunities be transferred or translated into new IT architecture? We dive into the individual mindset of our customers and take on their challenges as our own. Together we define the goals and establish ourselves as …

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Simulation and Controlling

Large-scale projects can’t be secured. Whether through process optimization, new reporting, transition of a business or billing model or digitalization of the business model: Data on its own is not meaningful enough. Markets are extremely volatile. Our simulations provide security and help you to visualize your project’s success. Work starts with defining your goals …

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We ensure asuccessful execution

It all started at school – a mere 25 years ago. Our founders, Sascha Büchner and Marc Brockmann, during secondary school, met and spent ample time together. From a place of mutual respect and admiration, an ongoing male bonding arose. During their studies they went separate ways …

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