Network of partners

In order to achieve the highest level of success for our clients, it is critical to find and place consultants whose background and experience match perfectly to the requirements of the project. Brockmann & Büchner works with a large network of highly skilled and diverse partners and consultants who can provide the insight and practical skills needed to plan and execute the objectives of the project. It is critical that our staff can wholly understand and share the vision of both our company and the client company. As different as the respective background experience, so consistent is the understanding of the work we do. We are committed to bringing the highest possible benefit for our clients. Recruiting and maintaining talent is a top priority for us.

To give you better insight to our leadership team responsible for bringing this concept to life, here is our selection of experts:

Benjamin Fröhling

Management Consultant

His work focuses on process and organizational consulting, predictive maintenance, digitalization, innovation and technology management programs and project management

Martin Ertl

Management consultant

His work focuses on innovation and technology management, knowledge management, interims management, digitalization, program and project management, business model and strategy development

Lars Faber

Management consultant

His work focusses on agily project management, PMO, IT-Consulting, requirement management and process optimizsation

Anne Trapp

Management consultant

Her work focuses on innovation management, project management, workshop design and moderation, strategy development.

Georg-Wilhelm Bieniek

Partner at Ganten, Hünecke,
Bieniek & Partner

His work focuses on project-related consulting, credit and acquisition financing

Patrick Stoica

Management consultant

His work focuses on business analysis, digital concepts and solutions, performance management and employee motivation

Mechtild Julius

Owner of MJ Beratung & Coaching

Her work focuses on team building, business communication, systematic creativity, moderation and coaching

Peer Scheer

Management consultant

His work focuses on project management, innovation management, change management

Olaf Erichsen

Managing director
Heldenkombinat GmbH

His work focuses on advisory services and projects in the area of artificial intelligence and machine learning

Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Bracke

Bergische Universität Wuppertal
Lehrstuhl für Zuverlässigkeitstechnik und Risikoanalytik

His work focuses on big data, analysis of reliability and risk research, sustainability and reliability, applying quality methods along the product development process and data analysis

Univ.-Prof. Mark Heitmann

Universität Hamburg, Dekan HBS Hamburg Business School, Lehrstuhl für Marketing & Customer Insight, Founder and scientific advisory board member of quantilope GmbH

His work focuses on agile market research, market-oriented management and social media

Daniel Oberle

Management Consultant

His work focuses on innovation and technology management, simulation tools, business model and strategy development, knowledge management

Hannah Geibel

Management Consultant

Her work focuses on process optimization, PMO, workshop design

Sarah Wojcik

Management Consultant

Her work focuses on Predictive maintenance, PMO, design and operationalization of digital business models